Hear the spatial information you've been missing in music, movies and games with 3D audio on your favorite headphones.

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7.1 channels

Up to 7.1 channels of audio are simulated around your head. Redscape tracks your head rotation to keep the virtual speakers in place when you turn your head.

USB Head Tracker

The wired head tracker attaches to your headphones to provide the lowest latency head tracking available.

Virtual Audio Device

Redscape appears as an audio device to Windows. All audio from any application can be spatialized. Redscape supports both WASAPI and ASIO for input and output.

10 Band EQ

The 10 band equalizer allows you to tune your headphones frequency response.

"...a mind blowing audio adventure..."

– Gary Alan Baker / HEADPHONE.GURU

"[Redscape] could potentially revolutionize how people listen to music in the future."

– Tommy T.

"It has a really cool effect of spreading the sound out and making the instruments and production easier to pick apart."

– Kip C.


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Requires Windows 7 64-bit or newer


Just the software without the USB Head Tracker. See "WHY WOULD I WANT HEAD TRACKING?" in the FAQ.

Click here if you already own Redscape and want to add a Head Tracker.

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